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Endersby Training Limited delivers training to companies and individuals by following a process designed to maximise the quality of the delivery and to ensure that the training meets the client's precise requirements. This is achieved by:

  • In the first instance there is a 'pre-training consultation' with the client. During this consultation precise requirements are discussed and arrangements are made to speak to, or meet, each individual attending the training. This establishes their expectations and needs and, hopefully, confirms that the delegates and the client have the same understanding of the purpose of the training. If there are any 'grey areas', further consultation with the client is highly recommended before the training plan is designed.
  • The content of the training is finalised with the client and cost, date, time and venue are confirmed.
  • Training is delivered (for training exceeding one day there is a review of the previous day to ensure delegate satisfaction and to make any appropriate alterations).
  • Evaluation forms are completed at the end of the training. A complete copy of this is given to the client along with a statistical analysis of the evaluation forms with tables / graphs for ease of reference.
  • Follow up. A meeting with the client, the various conclusions of which are too numerous to list, follows all training. Examples include requests for more advanced training and suggestions for further improvement.
  • Where training is focused on bringing about positive change over a period of time the client will be contacted after 3 and 6 months (and sometimes for longer periods) for further feedback.

The associates who train for Endersby Training Limited have a solid base of competency skills that has been built on experience, in addition to academic excellence, in their subject. From experience we believe that for training to be effective, and therefore memorable, delegates need to be involved and enjoying their training experience this is something of which all our trainers are acutely aware throughout their delivery.

Finally, we want you to be assured that the training you, or your colleagues and staff, will receive from Endersby Training Limited will be professional and of the highest standard.

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