In this section, which is divided into four parts: seminars, consultancy, counselling and further education, you will find details of the training offered by ETL as listed below:

  1. Seminars: In this section you will find stand-alone seminars on many aspects of personal development, which are designed to enhance the skill base of your staff in a way that will benefit them in both working relationships and in their personal lives. Many of these seminars are also suitable for individuals who want to make positive change in the way they react to their environment.
  2. Consultancy: This page offers a service designed to help you, as an employer, to book training that will help you to achieve your aims in terms of running a more productive company. ETL provides uniquely designed training based on input from you and our own observations.
  3. Counselling: This section offers a wide breadth of training that will improve the skills and knowledge of therapists and/or offer introductory training on counselling related subjects - some of which are invaluable in work place.
  4. Further Education: In this section you will find seminars that have been written specifically for tutors and staff in Further Education Colleges.

Our training is:

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