This seminar explores the experiences of being mixed race and living in Britain. Issues such as education, employment, social interaction and relationships, attitudes of the majority culture and the complexities of the prejudicial experiences felt from ‘both sides’ are explored.

It is for anyone who would like to gain more insight into the experience of being mixed race. Participants attend these workshops for numerous reasons: they may be counsellors or therapists who wish to understand their clients better; they may have mixed race children or grandchildren, their relationship who whom causes concern; or they may have some very personal problems around this issue.

Before attending this seminar participants are asked to fill out a short questionnaire stating their reasons for choosing to attend and any specific areas they wish to explore. This is to make certain that the seminar is tailored to the unique needs of participants.

Programme Timetable

10:00 Introductions and outline of the day

10:30 Being mixed race – what does it mean?

11.00 Questions and discussion

11:30 Coffee

11:45 Video and discussion

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Exploration of specific areas of interest

15:00 Articles

15:30 Tea

15:45 Evaluation

16:00 End of day

Counselling sub-sections

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