Maintaining Professional Boundaries

Who it is suitable for?

Tutors / Support workers / Classroom Assistants who:

  • are new to the profession
  • feel they have become, or could become, ‘too involved’ with issues that are outside of their job requirements and would like to change the situation
  • are concerned about the influence their job is having on their personal life


The aim of this seminar is to teach delegates how to maintain professional and personal boundaries and to explain the likely consequences of boundaries becoming blurred.


  • To define the difference between professional and personal boundaries
  • To demonstrate what can happen when you take on a role that is not yours (mismatch of skills)
  • To examine the difference between ‘being liked’ and ‘being respected’ and to establish what is important
  • To show how you can inadvertently get involved in difficult situations (not necessarily hostile ones) by your responses / choice of words – for example being trapped with a ‘secrete’
  • To answer the question ‘whose needs are being met?’ (case study)
  • To demonstrate the cycle that can lead to the breakdown of your own personal relationships (case study)

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this seminar delegates will be able to: distinguish between professional and personal boundaries; recognise when they are being drawn into a situation which crosses professional boundaries; be able to keep to professional boundaries by choosing certain responses and identify from their own position why they have / could become involved with a situation that has / could lead to undesirable consequences.

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