Bullying at Work

Of all the factors that are recognised as contributing to stress at work the significance of the impact of bullying at work is one of the more recent. The documentation of devastating personal accounts recorded by radio, television and in literature over the last decade has brought this highly important subject to national attention.

This seminar is for anyone in employment regardless of his or her position or personal experiences. Delegates will learn:

  • The psychology of the bully - and what to be aware of;
  • The psychology of the bullied - and what to be aware of;
  • What to do if you are being bullied; Recognition of the symptoms of bullying;
  • Case studies.

Because of the enormity of this subject it is recommended that delegates attend a two-day seminar that can be delivered over a weekend. However, this course can be delivered in two separate sessions where day one introduces the subject and day two consolidates the learning and teaches how to put strategies into place. Therefore attendance on day one is a prerequisit for attendance on the second day.

*Day one can be booked as a stand alone course.

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